With thousands of kilometers of marked trails, Hérault is a paradise for hikers. During your stay at our campsite in Hérault located in Villeveyrac, you will inevitably find the hike in Hérault that suits you! Whether for a quiet stroll with the family or a more complex hike, you will cross vineyards, scrubland and ponds close to the Mediterranean.

The Circus of Mourèze

Just 30 km from our campsite, the Cirque de Mourèze offers a unique lunar landscape. On site, you will discover, throughout your hike, dolomitic rocks sculpted by erosion. Over 6 km, this hike in Hérault immerses you in a world full of charm.

The Cirque de Mourèze is a paradise for families and photographers looking for exceptional panoramas. Without any particular difficulty, the Cirque de Mourèze has trails accessible to everyone. In summer, its lack of shade requires a minimum of equipment to avoid sunstroke. Mountain bike enthusiasts can also tackle this enchanted landscape which has very little difference in altitude.

The Héric Gorges

In Mons, about an hour and 20 minutes’ drive from our Borepo campsite, get ready for a hike in the splendid Hérault, surrounded by nature. By diving into the Gorges d’Héric, you will take a 10 km path which invites you to discover bucolic landscapes.

This hike crosses mountains, waterfalls and forests. You can even treat yourself to a refreshing swim in the small pools of fresh water for a well-deserved break during the hike.

The Haut-Languedoc Regional Natural Park

Just a 45-minute drive from our campsite, the Haut-Languedoc Regional Natural Park has many surprises in store for you. On this hiking trail in Hérault, you will enjoy a gentle stroll that invites you to discover varied territories. It must be said that it is the entry point for multiple trails which can take you several days of exploration. Some will prefer hiking while others will embark on a bike ride or mountain bike ride for more thrills.

Throughout the course, you will progress under the cover of trees, exploring the scrubland and small ponds. It’s the perfect place to admire the local flora and fauna that comes to life before your eyes. Suitable for all levels, this trail promises a contemplative walk that is easy to access for families who will return with stars in their eyes.

The Path of Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert

Prepare yourself for a legendary hike in Hérault! The Chemin de Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert is a trail located 35 km from our campsite. This walk is suitable for all levels. With friends or family, this hiking trail will take you to one of the most beautiful villages in France: Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert. You will immerse yourself in the soul of Languedoc for a timeless journey through the charming streets. Rich in a unique historical and cultural heritage, this village in Hérault seduces with its natural beauty which invites you to a real moment of escape.

The 4000 Steps Trail of Mont Aigoual

You will have to drive a little from our campsite (1 hour 40 minutes) to reach the starting point of this hike in Hérault. But the game is worth it. The Sentier des 4000 Marches is in fact considered one of the most beautiful and demanding treks in Hérault. The course is aimed at an confirmed level. Hiking shoes and poles are required here!

Prepare to climb the summit of Aigoual with a relatively steep and stony slope. A climb that is worth the detour since it promises you a breathtaking view of the Massif Central and the Mediterranean. You can take the opportunity to treat yourself to a well-deserved lunch break in front of this dizzying spectacle!

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