Every summer, Occitanie hosts numerous festivals in Hérault. It is the opportunity to have fun and immerse yourself in a wide range of cultural experiences combining music, dance and numerous shows. Thrill seekers will also be able to enjoy themselves by coming to admire world extreme sports athletes.

And to accompany you throughout the festivities, the Borepo campsite in Villeveyrac is the ideal starting point for festival-goers looking for unforgettable moments!

Radio France Occitanie Montpellier Festival

Every summer, Montpellier becomes the capital of classical and jazz music with the Radio France Occitanie Montpellier Festival. Less than an hour from the Borepo campsite, this festival in Hérault offers more than 150 concerts, many of which are free. For two weeks in July, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the symphony of international orchestras, discover young talents or thrill to multiple discoveries. Something to have fun with friends or family after dark!

https://lefestival.eu/ – Montpellier

The International Guitar Festival

Still on the music side, Les Internationales de la Guitare is one of the unmissable festivals in Occitanie. From September to October, each edition of this festival in Hérault brings excitement to the entire region. On the event program: guitar in all its forms! Classical, flamenco, folk, rock… With many concerts, it is the opportunity to sing or dance to the rhythm of the strings. There are even introductory workshops to get you started with the instrument.

https://www.les-ig.com/ – Montpellier

The Montpellier Dance Festival

The Montpellier Danse Festival is an annual meeting for contemporary dance enthusiasts. Just 1 hour from our campsite, it brings together dance companies from all over the world who will compete on stage throughout the season (between June and July). The public will be able to discover avant-garde shows and interactive workshops to launch you into some rhythmic sequences. Between creativity and innovation, this festival in Hérault, among the unmissable cultural events, is always very appreciated by families and children.

https://www.montpellierdanse.com/ – Montpellier

The Boby Lapointe Printival

The Printival Boby Lapointe is a French-speaking song festival held every year in April in Pézenas, celebrating the memory of singer Boby Lapointe. Each edition of this event promises a rich program with varied artists ranging from rap to rock, including pop and world music.

This festival in the Hérault department is not limited to concerts: it is also committed to an eco-responsible approach and actively supports emerging talents through initiatives such as the Parcours Chanson, which offers internships for artists of the region. Emblematic places in the city such as the Théâtre de Pézenas and Place Gambetta serve as the setting for these festivities which attract a larger and larger audience each year.

https://www.printivalbobylapointe.com/ – Pézenas

The Thau Festival

Among the most incredible festivals in Hérault, head to the Festival de Thau! Very committed to the preservation of the environment and local heritage, the program offers concerts and eco-responsible actions all around the Etang de Thau during the month of July.

During this festival in Hérault, in Mèze, you will be treated to an eclectic cultural program which mixes many societal subjects in an idyllic setting, surrounded by green nature. With world music, jazz, classical and pop, it’s a unique opportunity to marvel in an incredible environment from our campsite near the Etang de Thau!

https://www.festivaldethau.com/ – Mèze

FISE Montpellier

Finally, thrill-seekers must attend the FISE (Festival International des Sports Extrêmes) in Montpellier. Less than 1 hour from our Borepo campsite, it’s an event that celebrates extreme sports! Among them, skateboarding, BMX, roller skating, and wakeboarding.

Throughout the festivities, which take place every year in May, you will have the opportunity to discover the world’s best athletes in an electric atmosphere. The public will even be able, during this festival in Hérault, to embark on introductory courses to discover a new passion!

https://www.fise.fr/fr – Montpellier

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