Camping life

No more waking up!

Whether you get up early or sleep late, everyone will find their rhythm at the campsite.

Our remote location allows us to benefit from a calm and restful environment.

In the summer season you can pick up your bread and pastries at the grocery store, while the first swimmers will come and taste the morning swim.

It’s passing quickly !

Already the aperitif time! Slim ! No more peanuts, we will quickly buy some at the grocery store…. We’ll have a drink at the bar by the way!

We’re on vacation …

In the afternoon, there is the essential nap to regain strength before the effort …

For some it will be pétanque, camper football tournament, or swimming pool, for others discovery of the surroundings or beach …

At night …..

The restaurant lights up and the campsite team is ready for evening entertainment.

An entertainment program distributed at the start of your stay will inform you of the evenings to come.

Karaoke, dancing, cinema, lottery, concert …

So many activities that will satisfy young and old